Sewage tanks

Do you need a fibreglass tank that would be corrosion-resistant and durable? This is exactly what OÜ Klaasplast has to offer!

Septic tanks

A septic tank is a container that is split into three different sections by two partition walls, to put it in the simplest terms.

Biological treatment plant

The biological treatment plant is a sewage treatment system, which cleans the waste water generated in the home of an up to 10-member family in an environment-friendly and efficient manner.

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About us

Klaasplast OÜ – Production of fibreglass containers, septic tanks and special solutions

OÜ Klaasplast is a manufacturer of fibreglass sewerage products. We employ the filament winding method in the manufacture of our storage tanks and septic tanks, which ensures the high durability and quality of the products.
We also manufacture all kinds of customised fibreglass products on request


Light and rust proof


wall thickness 12-20 mm


10 year warranty