Fiberglass Slurry tanks

Our slurry tanks are meant for agricultural use (mainly for transporting liquid manure and slurry). These tanks are light, durable and rustproof. Fibreglass slurry tanks have a much longer service life than similar metal tanks because acidic liquid manure does not corrode fibreglass like it would corrode metal. Our slurry tanks are equipped with anti-spill partition walls that regular tanks do not have. Slurry tanks are mounted on full-length stands or a metal frame as the client deems appropriate.

The slurry tanks are made of fibreglass and the thickness of the walls of the products is 12–20 mm depending on the size of the tank. The slurry tanks are manufactured using the filament winding method, which ensures that the shell of the tank is sturdy and reliable. 10 cm wide reinforcing strips have been wound around the tanks every 60 centimetres to strengthen them.

Slurry tanks are available for order in many different sizes. The capacity is between 2,000 and 85,000 litres.

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