Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions for fiberglass containers and septic tanks:

Klaasplast OÜ containers and septic tanks comply with the following standards: EN-976-1, EN-976-2, EN-977, EN-978, EN-12566


The warranty period is 10 years.

The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship that have caused the container to break or become unusable.

The warranty does not apply:

In the event of injuries caused by transportation, storage, incorrect installation and misuse of containers.

In the case of injuries caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, etc.) or other external factors (damage by a vehicle, vandalism, etc.).

In the case of injuries caused by the use of a fixing method not specified by the manufacturer or by errors made during assembly.

In the case of malfunctions caused by assembly, maintenance or repairs that are performed by a person not authorized by Klaasplast OÜ.

In the case of using parts and accessories on the tank that are not specified by the manufacturer.

If the tank is installed deeper than 1 m from the tank brush.

If the tank is not installed in compacted sand.

IF the tank is closed using a tractor.

If the sides of the tank are not properly compacted.

If the manufacturer is not notified of problems immediately.

If the tank has been emptied using a vibrating pump.

The warranty does not cover:

Damage to person(s) and / or other items and objects caused by a damaged container.

Fees for performing repairs that are not covered by the warranty.

Possible transport costs associated with transporting the damaged goods to the seller’s point of sale.